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"The trouble free clamp" as their marketing suggests is true. ABA Clamps are produced in SMO 254 material for the most extreme environments where lower case stainless steel or Acid proof material is not enough, the ABA SMO has been designed for maximum resistance to various types of corrosion.  You may be able to find less expensive clamps at a hardware store, but for the quality you will be hard pressed to find equivalent quality for a lesser cost.

Clamps are designed to have a clamping force reserve and not break. They maintain a continuous sealing force around the hose when tightened around the joint.

Features that set ABA clamps apart:

  • Rolled edged (reduces chance for cutting into hose)
  • Pressed teeth Vs punched through (creating a cheese grater effect)
  • Band and housing is stainless steel
  • Can be tightened with screwdriver or socket
  • Made in Sweden

Here is a sampling of popular products for ABA

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